Why to fix if not broken - If you put a frog into a pot of boiling water, what will it do? It will jump out instantly. Right? Correct. But, we humans love to tweak the experiment conditions and that’s what this group of researchers did. They put that frog into cold water and started to heat up the water. The frog...
Laughing at that stranger - At times, we have seen a group of people, standing on the side of a road, passing comment and laughing at some stranger passing by. At times, we have been part of such groups too and at times, we have been at the receiving end of such insults too. Read to find out what it means.
Ateet mein Vyateet: Part 2: That First Job! - The date between Arjun and his grandfather Mr Babulal Shah continues. The next mile is an emotional, thrilling and sensational one. Read it to find out which memory surfaces this time.
The Purpose Matters - I was learning Checkers game by playing with my colleague. I lost for first 41 days. But then, I learnt something beyond the game. Read to find out.
Ateet mein Vyateet: Part 1: It’s a date! - Arjun booked an Uber to start from their home. And destination? The same place. The driver was confused seeing his mobile screen. He thought that there is some issue. I mean- why is the destination showing the same place? Read the story to find out.
Why shall I read books? - Being a reader, I have faced this question at different junctures of my life. Does reading help in long run? Why shall I read books if I am going to forget them a few weeks later? What is the purpose of spending time turning the pages of books when eventually, you won't remember the most of it. So, yesterday, I thought of framing an answer to the question: Why shall I read books? Read here to find out.
Are you happy? - We always have this question in our minds whether we are happy or not. What is the definition of being happy? With the rise of social media and networking, we have built some idea or the other about what happiness in general is. Read it to find out who is happy and who is not.
Why does love hurt? - Because when you are in love and you two fight, On every other thing, you end up thinking of that person like… If you fought with your wife and next day when you return from office, You knock the door twice and realize that she is not at home and you are hurt wondering why...
Roar of the Lion - At that moment, I thought that I wish I had wings. I wanted to fly. I wanted to fly away. Away from all the daily hurdles and chaos. Away from my enemies and away from my problems. I just didn't want to suffer. I just want to run far away from everything. A story to which all of us will be able to relate. Read it and share your views.
Inseparable. - "Why did we get specifically this date, Nayan? What is God trying to do with us?" "Exactly. I mean why does he want to remind us of that day again when we still haven't been able to forgive ourselves for the act that we did in 1993." "Almost." "Yes, the act that we almost did on 21st December, 1993." Read the full story to find out what actually happened 27 years ago.