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Laughing at that stranger - At times, we have seen a group of people, standing on the side of a road, passing comment and laughing at some stranger passing by. At times, we have been part of such groups too and at times, we have been at the receiving end of such insults too. Read to find out what it means.
Ateet mein Vyateet: Part 2: That First Job! - The date between Arjun and his grandfather Mr Babulal Shah continues. The next mile is an emotional, thrilling and sensational one. Read it to find out which memory surfaces this time.
The Purpose Matters - I was learning Checkers game by playing with my colleague. I lost for first 41 days. But then, I learnt something beyond the game. Read to find out.
LET GO - Let me start with a story I read online a few days ago. It goes like this: Two monks were passing through the jungle and going towards their monastry. On their way, it had rained and there were puddles of water all around. Then they encounter on their way- a big puddle of water. And...
Drive safe to win money - Which method works more efficiently? Penalizing the wrong-doers or rewarding the right-doers? Here is an experiment done by Volkswagen to test the mindsets of people.
The Hope Experiment - What is the strength of hope? How much can hope help you survive and hustle? Find this out with the help of this experiment done at Harvard University.
The Silent Language - There is a life experience which I shared on Quora that has been read and appreciated by more than 300,000 people. The experience has no exceptional thing but it has magic. Read this short story and share your thoughts.
Ateet mein Vyateet: Part 1: It’s a date! - Arjun booked an Uber to start from their home. And destination? The same place. The driver was confused seeing his mobile screen. He thought that there is some issue. I mean- why is the destination showing the same place? Read the story to find out.
Kansas Experiment that costed $4 billion - Sam Brownback had an experiment in Kansas where he decided to cut the taxes. He took a chance on the understanding of Supply side economics. He decided to reduce the taxes to the lowest. Read the whole story to find out what happened at Kansas that costed the Government $4 billion
The Purest Love - In the world connected with the bond of love, we always think what is the purest form of love? What is that unbreakable bond of love? Read here to find out.

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