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Center of everything - A small writeup on the occasion of Valentine’s day by me: They were walking down the beach. The smooth breeze was touching their skin in the most gentle way. She (A Science major): Do you know, the universe revolves around the sun? He (A philosophy scholar): No, dear. It doesn’t. She: What? He: Everyone’s universe...
The real value - Mr Gill was an avid reader and an intelligent thinker. He was able to converse in 5 languages and had read 1,000+ books in his life. He had his own personal library as well. Sarah, Mr Gill’s daughter, had just graduated and was about to take the first step into her corporate life. On such...
“He has more than I have” - In life, we feel like comparing our luxuries and happiness to others. And we usually end up feeling sad at the end as there always is someone better off than you. Here’s a story on the same lines. Jim was ten years old. He had a best friend in school: Roy. Roy came from a...
Dare To Win - I was walking down the lake one day when I found an old man standing right at the end of the lake. He saw me and asked: “What happened, young man? You seem a bit upset.” “Yes, the pressure of life is pushing me down and I have got no answers.” “Oh! Well, I have...
Why to fix if not broken - If you put a frog into a pot of boiling water, what will it do? It will jump out instantly. Right? Correct. But, we humans love to tweak the experiment conditions and that’s what this group of researchers did. They put that frog into cold water and started to heat up the water. The frog...
Why do “self-help” books fail to “help” - When I was introduced to the world of books, there was a vastly famous genre that came across me. The genre of self-motivation, self-growth and inspiration. In general terms, we call these books: Self-help books. But somehow the self-help books failed to help me reach my goals. Is the issue with the books or with me? Read to find out.
Why do we “hate” Chetan Bhagat? - If you are part of the vast community of readers, you would have heard people criticizing Chetan Bhagat's books at more times than we can count. Is there any true merit behind that or there is something that we all are missing? Here is my take on the "hate". Do read.
Laughing at that stranger - At times, we have seen a group of people, standing on the side of a road, passing comment and laughing at some stranger passing by. At times, we have been part of such groups too and at times, we have been at the receiving end of such insults too. Read to find out what it means.
Ateet mein Vyateet: Part 2: That First Job! - The date between Arjun and his grandfather Mr Babulal Shah continues. The next mile is an emotional, thrilling and sensational one. Read it to find out which memory surfaces this time.
The Purpose Matters - I was learning Checkers game by playing with my colleague. I lost for first 41 days. But then, I learnt something beyond the game. Read to find out.

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