[CAT] The Mock That Didn’t Go Well

After starting the test series on a high note, I was able to score well for first few mocks. The days were good, and the preparation was going smooth. The dream of getting through was becoming more and more achievable with each good mock that I was giving. The confidence was at its peak. All my strategies in mocks were providing good results. Consistency was the key and I was sensing that consistency in my results.
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[CAT] First mock CAT experience

Before you give the CAT exam, you pass through plenty of similar mock exams, which prepare you for the ultimate challenge. In this post, I am writing about the feeling and the experience of my first mock CAT of the journey.
Here is my experience of the first Mock CAT.

[CAT] How my MBA preparation journey started

I was in the fifth semester of my computer engineering, when I came across the competitive exams like GRE, CAT, GATE, GMAT and UPSC. I had to decide one among these and join coaching for the exam. As I was always excited about starting up my own business, I decided to go after CAT.
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That Bus Ride

Isn’t it a proud moment? When your parents put their heads on your shoulders. You could feel extreme happiness when you are able to support your parents when they are in need. I was feeling that joyous pride. Only for this short bus ride, but I was glad that I was able to do something for my Mom. While my mom on the other side had changed all our lives completely within a span of a day.
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Roar of the Lion

At that moment, I thought that I wish I had wings. I wanted to fly. I wanted to fly away. Away from all the daily hurdles and chaos. Away from my enemies and away from my problems. I just didn’t want to suffer. I just want to run far away from everything.
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