The Time Machine

Harsh was busy in his hostel room writing the proposal speech when he heard the knock on his door. At 2 AM, Harsh wondered who would have come. He put the writing pad aside, and went to open the door. The moment he opened the door, an old man jumped into the room and asked Harsh to close the room. Harsh asked: "Who are you?" "I am Harsh Singh. I am you from future. I am you after thirty-five years." Read the story to find out what happened.

Blocking someone – an act of immaturity?

One day, a friend asked me whether I block anyone on social media. And my reply was yes. And he took this opportunity to shower his criticism on how I can do that and why was I not able to control my temper (Ironically, I was controlling while he was criticizing in a loud manner). But when, he calmed down and was ready to listen to my side of the story, I told him this.