The real value

Mr Gill was an avid reader and an intelligent thinker. He was able to converse in 5 languages and had read 1,000+ books in his life. He had his own personal library as well. Sarah, Mr Gill’s daughter, had just graduated and was about to take the first step into her corporate life. On such…

Why to fix if not broken

If you put a frog into a pot of boiling water, what will it do? It will jump out instantly. Right? Correct. But, we humans love to tweak the experiment conditions and that’s what this group of researchers did. They put that frog into cold water and started to heat up the water. The frog…

Why do “self-help” books fail to “help”

When I was introduced to the world of books, there was a vastly famous genre that came across me. The genre of self-motivation, self-growth and inspiration. In general terms, we call these books: Self-help books. But somehow the self-help books failed to help me reach my goals. Is the issue with the books or with me? Read to find out.

Why do we “hate” Chetan Bhagat?

If you are part of the vast community of readers, you would have heard people criticizing Chetan Bhagat’s books at more times than we can count.
Is there any true merit behind that or there is something that we all are missing?
Here is my take on the “hate”. Do read.

Laughing at that stranger

At times, we have seen a group of people, standing on the side of a road, passing comment and laughing at some stranger passing by. At times, we have been part of such groups too and at times, we have been at the receiving end of such insults too.
Read to find out what it means.

The Purpose Matters

I was learning Checkers game by playing with my colleague.
I lost for first 41 days. But then, I learnt something beyond the game.
Read to find out.

Second chance

In today’s world, we are surrounded by events that make us disconnect our beliefs in humanity. But shall we do that?
Read this real life story and share your feedback.

Why shall I read books?

Being a reader, I have faced this question at different junctures of my life. Does reading help in long run? Why shall I read books if I am going to forget them a few weeks later? What is the purpose of spending time turning the pages of books when eventually, you won’t remember the most of it. So, yesterday, I thought of framing an answer to the question: Why shall I read books? Read here to find out.

Toughest lesson of life

Life teaches you a lot of things throughout. Every moment has a lesson in it that we can grasp and hold for our whole lives. But among all lessons, there is one lesson that life taught me in the hardest way. It took me years to realize this.
Read the article to find out what the toughest lesson of life is.

Are you happy?

We always have this question in our minds whether we are happy or not. What is the definition of being happy? With the rise of social media and networking, we have built some idea or the other about what happiness in general is. Read it to find out who is happy and who is not.

The drapes

There are times when we meet someone and know that they have made some blunders. And we feel a different type of pleasure stating the same to them. Is it the right thing to do?
Read this and you will understand.

Business Lessons from Chess

When we think about where we can implement strategies, the first two things that come to mind are Chess and Business. There are plenty of things that either can learn from the other. Here, I have focused on the insights that businesses can use from Chess. The article is based on my own insights and interview of Garry Kasparov with Harvard Business Review.
Read the article and share your opinion.

The “side” effect of the corona pandemic

We all are waiting eagerly for the day when the world will win over Coronavirus. And I hope that it happens sooner than we think. But what will be the lives after the pandemic? Will it be the same as it was before the virus attacked? Well, I will say it won’t be the same. And here are the changes we will get to see.

Morning routine: The 7 activities to gift yourself

How busy our lives are that we are not able to give even an hour to ourselves in a day. Understanding this, I have come up with these “7-routine” that successful people follow every morning. Read and add it in your life.

Procrastination – how to save yourself from it

Each one of us has been facing procrastination at different junctures of our lives. We procrastinate for different reasons. But, there are simple solutions to this complex looking problem.
Read the article to know the same.

Put them down

One morning, the class was full of students when the professor entered. It was the first class of psychology. He put his books down on the table, took the duster in his hands, erased the contents on the board and came to the center of the class. He held his duster in his right hand and kept the hand raised in air.
Read the full story to know what happened then.

Book recommendations: Autobiographies

Among all genres, the biggest source of motivation is (Auto)biographies.
The reason is: Those are the stories that actually happened. When we read fiction, in one corner of our mind- we know that this is not possible in reality or it feels good to read it but it doesn’t work actually.
Read my recommendations and start exploring the world of biographies.

Blocking someone – an act of immaturity?

One day, a friend asked me whether I block anyone on social media. And my reply was yes. And he took this opportunity to shower his criticism on how I can do that and why was I not able to control my temper (Ironically, I was controlling while he was criticizing in a loud manner).
But when, he calmed down and was ready to listen to my side of the story, I told him this.

Quantifying Happiness

When I was in Engineering, I had a friend who would be upset when he doesn’t get “A” in all subjects where there was this other guy who would give a treat to the whole class if he passes them all in the first attempt. We all have seen such people in our lives or even we might be one of these two. This led me to think what it is that triggers happiness.

Read the whole story to understand- What is it that quantifies happiness? Or before that, is it necessary?