Ateet mein Vyateet: Part 2: That First Job!

The date between Arjun and his grandfather Mr Babulal Shah continues. The next mile is an emotional, thrilling and sensational one. Read it to find out which memory surfaces this time.

The Purpose Matters

I was learning Checkers game by playing with my colleague.
I lost for first 41 days. But then, I learnt something beyond the game.
Read to find out.


Let me start with a story I read online a few days ago. It goes like this: Two monks were passing through the jungle and going towards their monastry. On their way, it had rained and there were puddles of water all around. Then they encounter on their way- a big puddle of water. And…

Drive safe to win money

Which method works more efficiently? Penalizing the wrong-doers or rewarding the right-doers?
Here is an experiment done by Volkswagen to test the mindsets of people.

The Hope Experiment

What is the strength of hope? How much can hope help you survive and hustle?
Find this out with the help of this experiment done at Harvard University.

The Silent Language

There is a life experience which I shared on Quora that has been read and appreciated by more than 300,000 people. The experience has no exceptional thing but it has magic.
Read this short story and share your thoughts.

Ateet mein Vyateet: Part 1: It’s a date!

Arjun booked an Uber to start from their home. And destination? The same place.
The driver was confused seeing his mobile screen. He thought that there is some issue. I mean- why is the destination showing the same place?
Read the story to find out.

Kansas Experiment that costed $4 billion

Sam Brownback had an experiment in Kansas where he decided to cut the taxes. He took a chance on the understanding of Supply side economics. He decided to reduce the taxes to the lowest.
Read the whole story to find out what happened at Kansas that costed the Government $4 billion

The Purest Love

In the world connected with the bond of love, we always think what is the purest form of love? What is that unbreakable bond of love? Read here to find out.

Toughest thing to achieve

The life is a race without the finish line. You and I are running this race. And at times, we feel that what is the toughest thing to achieve in life. Read to find out.

Second chance

In today’s world, we are surrounded by events that make us disconnect our beliefs in humanity. But shall we do that?
Read this real life story and share your feedback.

The childish anger

We all have been angry on our parents. And eventually, we regret it too.
Read the story on childish anger and revisit those experiences.

Mathematics helped me get 100g Gold Coin

My neighbor was on a deathbed. He wanted to divide his savings into his three sons. So he leaves a will for the same. But with their sons, eventually, I end up earning 100g Gold because I was good at Mathematics.
Want to know how? Read here.

Why shall I read books?

Being a reader, I have faced this question at different junctures of my life. Does reading help in long run? Why shall I read books if I am going to forget them a few weeks later? What is the purpose of spending time turning the pages of books when eventually, you won’t remember the most of it. So, yesterday, I thought of framing an answer to the question: Why shall I read books? Read here to find out.

The Right Attitude

Imagine you’re running in the marathon of life for which you have been preparing since you were child. You are running the fastest among all and are in the lead against all other runners. You’re just a mile away from all the glory and all the applauds, and that’s when your legs stop moving or your brain stops working or your lungs can’t get the air inside your body. Read the full story here.

Toughest lesson of life

Life teaches you a lot of things throughout. Every moment has a lesson in it that we can grasp and hold for our whole lives. But among all lessons, there is one lesson that life taught me in the hardest way. It took me years to realize this.
Read the article to find out what the toughest lesson of life is.

Are you happy?

We always have this question in our minds whether we are happy or not. What is the definition of being happy? With the rise of social media and networking, we have built some idea or the other about what happiness in general is. Read it to find out who is happy and who is not.

Why does love hurt?

Because when you are in love and you two fight, On every other thing, you end up thinking of that person like… If you fought with your wife and next day when you return from office, You knock the door twice and realize that she is not at home and you are hurt wondering why…

Conversation with my Grandfather

There are some lessons that life teaches us with time. And that is why they say that experience is the best teacher. One of those lessons that my grandfather learnt in his life, he shared it with me in such a subtle way.
Read the full story here.

That Bus Ride

Isn’t it a proud moment? When your parents put their heads on your shoulders. You could feel extreme happiness when you are able to support your parents when they are in need. I was feeling that joyous pride. Only for this short bus ride, but I was glad that I was able to do something for my Mom. While my mom on the other side had changed all our lives completely within a span of a day.
Read the story to feel connected to a mother and a daughter.

Roar of the Lion

At that moment, I thought that I wish I had wings. I wanted to fly. I wanted to fly away. Away from all the daily hurdles and chaos. Away from my enemies and away from my problems. I just didn’t want to suffer. I just want to run far away from everything.
A story to which all of us will be able to relate. Read it and share your views.


“Why did we get specifically this date, Nayan? What is God trying to do with us?”
“Exactly. I mean why does he want to remind us of that day again when we still haven’t been able to forgive ourselves for the act that we did in 1993.”
“Yes, the act that we almost did on 21st December, 1993.”
Read the full story to find out what actually happened 27 years ago.

A child’s innocence

After a tiring day at work, Dad came back home and again started working on the unfinished tasks. He asked his daughter playing in the room to get the fruit basket as he didn’t have time to take dinner and wanted to eat something to help his body survive one more hour of boring work.
Read the story to find out how a child’s brain works and where we fail to understand their innocence.

A Nostalgic Evening

At the end of this tiring day, I return to my room from the office. After putting my tiffin into the sink, I open the fridge to get the water bottle only to realize that all the bottles I have been lying on the kitchen platform. One more day and I understand how much different it is to live away from home, away from family.
Read the full story on how an evening away from home feels like.

Story of the Onion King

Do you know why the trading of onions in future markets is banned in the US? It all is because of one guy- Vincent Kosuga. The man who cornered whole onion market in the United States.

An ice-cream that melted hearts

A few weeks ago, three of my friends and I had gone to the ice cream parlor. With the outside sitting, I was able to notice things that were happening around the store. There I saw this girl and her brother who were selling balloons to everyone who was standing nearby. But during those 15–20 minutes that we sat there, she was unable to sell any.
Read the whole story to find out how an ice-cream led to the melting of our hearts.

The drapes

There are times when we meet someone and know that they have made some blunders. And we feel a different type of pleasure stating the same to them. Is it the right thing to do?
Read this and you will understand.

Money- how much is it worth?

“Hello. This is kidnapper speaking. You must have guessed what would have happened by now as you didn’t see your son coming out of school this afternoon. And I am sure, the police is listening to this conversation as well. So, listen to me carefully. If you need your son, get three crore Rupees ready…

Business Lessons from Chess

When we think about where we can implement strategies, the first two things that come to mind are Chess and Business. There are plenty of things that either can learn from the other. Here, I have focused on the insights that businesses can use from Chess. The article is based on my own insights and interview of Garry Kasparov with Harvard Business Review.
Read the article and share your opinion.

The “side” effect of the corona pandemic

We all are waiting eagerly for the day when the world will win over Coronavirus. And I hope that it happens sooner than we think. But what will be the lives after the pandemic? Will it be the same as it was before the virus attacked? Well, I will say it won’t be the same. And here are the changes we will get to see.

Morning routine: The 7 activities to gift yourself

How busy our lives are that we are not able to give even an hour to ourselves in a day. Understanding this, I have come up with these “7-routine” that successful people follow every morning. Read and add it in your life.

Procrastination – how to save yourself from it

Each one of us has been facing procrastination at different junctures of our lives. We procrastinate for different reasons. But, there are simple solutions to this complex looking problem.
Read the article to know the same.

The Time Machine

Harsh was busy in his hostel room writing the proposal speech when he heard the knock on his door.
At 2 AM, Harsh wondered who would have come. He put the writing pad aside, and went to open the door. The moment he opened the door, an old man jumped into the room and asked Harsh to close the room.
Harsh asked: “Who are you?”
“I am Harsh Singh. I am you from future. I am you after thirty-five years.”
Read the story to find out what happened.

Put them down

One morning, the class was full of students when the professor entered. It was the first class of psychology. He put his books down on the table, took the duster in his hands, erased the contents on the board and came to the center of the class. He held his duster in his right hand and kept the hand raised in air.
Read the full story to know what happened then.

Book recommendations: Autobiographies

Among all genres, the biggest source of motivation is (Auto)biographies.
The reason is: Those are the stories that actually happened. When we read fiction, in one corner of our mind- we know that this is not possible in reality or it feels good to read it but it doesn’t work actually.
Read my recommendations and start exploring the world of biographies.

A skillful artist and his daughter

In India, there are a few castes who have excelled in acrobatic skills. One such example is Nat. They walk on rope while balancing pots on their heads or they do 360 degree jumps while standing on a rope.
But do they actually get enough credit for such a tremendous skillful performance?
Read the story and find out.

Blocking someone – an act of immaturity?

One day, a friend asked me whether I block anyone on social media. And my reply was yes. And he took this opportunity to shower his criticism on how I can do that and why was I not able to control my temper (Ironically, I was controlling while he was criticizing in a loud manner).
But when, he calmed down and was ready to listen to my side of the story, I told him this.

Luck – Good or Bad?

When Captain Raman was in the army training, one of the courses included the firing of live missiles as the final objective. Everyone was going through their turns and was able to fire it on a predetermined target. At the end of the line, it was Captain Raman’s friend. He came into the position to fire the missile. He locked the target, took the required measurements, and waited for the order to fire. The instructor ordered “Fire at your will” and he pressed the button to launch. And to everyone’s surprise, the missile misfired.
Read full story to know what Ex Indian Army Captain Raghu Raman has to say.

A night to remember

The man woke up in the morning and saw that his six years old son was playing on the floor with the fruit basket and all fruits were scattered all around. With a toothbrush in his mouth, he shouted at his son to stop playing with the basket.
Read full story to see how his birthday night brings change in all their lives.

Financial Freedom

From “The Business of the 21st Century” by Robert Kiyosaki,The time has changed. From industrial age, we have entered into information age. Pension, retirement security and job security are the talks of yesterday. You can take charge of your future only when you take control of your income source. You need your own business.
Read the full article to get full understanding of Robert Kiyosaki’s idea of financial freedom.

Quantifying Happiness

When I was in Engineering, I had a friend who would be upset when he doesn’t get “A” in all subjects where there was this other guy who would give a treat to the whole class if he passes them all in the first attempt. We all have seen such people in our lives or even we might be one of these two. This led me to think what it is that triggers happiness.

Read the whole story to understand- What is it that quantifies happiness? Or before that, is it necessary?