CAT Corner

[CAT] The Mock That Didn’t Go Well - After starting the test series on a high note, I was able to score well for first few mocks. The days were good, and the preparation was going smooth. The dream of getting through was becoming more and more achievable with each good mock that I was giving. The confidence was at its peak. All my strategies in mocks were providing good results. Consistency was the key and I was sensing that consistency in my results. Read the whole story to find out about how to sail through a rough patch.
[CAT] First mock CAT experience - Before you give the CAT exam, you pass through plenty of similar mock exams, which prepare you for the ultimate challenge. In this post, I am writing about the feeling and the experience of my first mock CAT of the journey. Here is my experience of the first Mock CAT.
[CAT] How my MBA preparation journey started - I was in the fifth semester of my computer engineering, when I came across the competitive exams like GRE, CAT, GATE, GMAT and UPSC. I had to decide one among these and join coaching for the exam. As I was always excited about starting up my own business, I decided to go after CAT. Sail through the beginning of my CAT journey. Click to read it.
[CAT] My IIM Ahmedabad Interview - For everyone, there is a dream for which they can do anything and everything. For me, it was IIM Ahmedabad. I being from Ahmedabad, had always wished to get into IIMA. The day of my interview at IIMA, I was extremely nervous but excited that I was getting a shot at my dream. I am sharing my interview experience here for you.
[CAT] How to prepare for CAT - I am Parth Shah. CAT 14: 99.89 Percentile CAT 13: 99.32 Percentile IIFT 14: 99.96 Percentile SNAP 14:99.94 Percentile XAT 14: 99.74 percentile Here is the overall idea of how to prepare for CAT.