Center of everything

A small writeup on the occasion of Valentine’s day by me:

They were walking down the beach.

The smooth breeze was touching their skin in the most gentle way.

She (A Science major): Do you know, the universe revolves around the sun?

He (A philosophy scholar): No, dear. It doesn’t.

She: What?

He: Everyone’s universe is different. It rotates around each of us. You, not the Sun, are the center of your universe.

She, being an avid debater argued: Prove it. I can prove that it is revolving around sun by ……

He pushes her towards him and locks his lips with hers.

With the time standing still, he starts kissing her with the utmost passion.

She, surprised with a sudden push, was shocked. Pleasantly shocked.

Her eyes were closed.

Who says we can’t feel air? She felt.

Who says the sea is chaos? She was feeling peace.

She felt that the whole world was her spectator and she was the center of everything.

She felt that affection. That attraction. That complete attention.

She felt LOVE. The pure, pious, perfect LOVE.

She was convinced.

He was right.

She was the center of the Universe. Her Universe. The only Universe that mattered.


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