“He has more than I have”

In life, we feel like comparing our luxuries and happiness to others.

And we usually end up feeling sad at the end as there always is someone better off than you.

Here’s a story on the same lines.

Jim was ten years old. He had a best friend in school: Roy.

Roy came from a rich family background. Jim always saw Roy getting out of his Mercedes in the morning. Roy had a luxury of a driver dropping him to school.

Jim didn’t. His dad dropped him to school on his scooter.

Then in lunch times, Roy will have a yummy pasta/noodles prepared by the chef at home while Jim will eat whatever his mom prepared in the morning.

Jim always used to feel bad when he was not able to get what his friend was getting & he had done nothing wrong to deserve this “low level of life”.

So Jim asked Roy- what his dad does that helped them get such a wonderful life. He thought that his dad can also learn a thing or two from Roy’s dad.

And Roy told how hard-working his dad is. Roy’s dad was working in a bank. He used to work from morning till late after midnight. He had won multiple awards and was rewarded with so much money in his career.

Jim’s dad too was in Bank but he always used to come home by 8:00 PM and it felt to Jim that his dad wasn’t working hard. He decided to ask his dad about this.

That night, Jim had had the dinner with his parents but couldn’t get a chance to speak up.

Jim thought that he will ask when his dad will come to read him a bedtime story like every other night.

When Jim’s dad came in Jim’s room for their story ritual, Jim asked his dad: “Dad, why are you not working as hard as Roy’s dad?”

“Roy’s dad works late till 1 AM and earns so much money while you come back from office so early!”

Jim’s dad listened to his son with a content smile. He held his son’s hand gently and replied:

“Son, iIt’s all about priorities. I return at 8 PM so that I can have dinner with you and your mom and also I can read you stories before you go to bed.”

“I always felt that I’ll get more happiness in reading a story for you sitting beside your bed than working till late and coming back home after you’ve fallen asleep.”

Jim was convinced. He hugged his dad tightly and slept with the widest smile.

When you want to rate your life, don’t look for a GLASS to compare with others. Look for a MIRROR and see how beautiful yours is.


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