Laughing at that stranger

At times, we have seen a group of people, standing on the side of a road, passing comment and laughing at some stranger passing by. At times, we have been part of such groups too and at times, we have been at the receiving end of such insults too.

When I encounter such incidents, I always end up thinking one thing: WHY?

Why did that person feel the need to pass a comment on that stranger?

What is the mindset of that person or what is he going through that he had to do this?

Eventually, I came to this conclusion:

Insulting strangers is a common sign of unhappiness.

Let me defend it by visiting the first law of Thermodynamics. (Yeah, right. Science is everywhere. :D)

The law states: The energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to the other.

Now think about that person who passed the comment

Here, the person is spreading the negative energy for the other person. Now, since the creation of energy is not possible, this negative energy is coming from within.

The more negative energy he keeps inside himself, the more he has to project it on others.

On the other side,

A peaceful mind has only peace to spread.

Now, to achieve the inner-peace, we can try to follow this four-step process:

  1. Working on ourselves: We have weaknesses. We feel bad about something or the other about ourselves. That’s normal. But this negative feeling needs to be reduced and not get compounded. Try to work on those missing pieces of your puzzle and reach to the better version of yourself. Rather than running behind the materialistic pleasures, run towards the better version of yourself.
  2. Socialize qualitatively: Rather than going for quantity, go for quality. Even though your circle is small, go for the conversations/discussions where you get to learn something new or which induces positive mindset.
  3. Create a hobby: Work on doing something that you feel is meaningful and beneficial for you in long term. This will help in using your leisure time productively.
  4. Give back to the society: The ultimate happiness comes when we do something for others. That satisfaction does wonders to our minds. It helps in calming the chaos and soothing the mind.

Till next time, ciao!

@arjunaatwar (Parth Shah)

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