The Silent Language

I was waiting for a cab.

There were 3–4 kids who used to live on the roadside, came to me begging for money.

They were too hungry.

I went to this nearby shop.

The kids followed me there.

I gave the shopkeeper 20 rupees and asked for four Parle-G biscuit packets. (Each one costs 5 rupees)

Those kids looked happy seeing that they’ll get something to eat.

The shopkeeper saw this.

He gave me five packets instead of four.

I gave him one back thinking that he must have made some mistake.

He gave it to me saying: “This one is from me. Give it to these kids.”

There was this old lady standing at the shop as well. She saw this.

I went ahead and gave the biscuits to the kids.

They went to back to the roadside and started eating.

A few more kids joined.

I was looking at that scene.

I knew that biscuits won’t be enough for them now.

Then I saw the lady coming with 4 more packets of biscuits. She gave them to the kids.

I was standing there. She came to me, smiled and thanked me. I took blessings from her.

She was feeling happy seeing those kids.

The shopkeeper was happy.

I was happy.

The kids were happy having some food.

So, what’s the most magical thing about life?

It’s how contagious a good deed is.

You don’t have to push or force anyone.

You don’t have to say anything.

It just happens.

Hearts have their own language. They connect even before the eyes have met.


-ArjunaAtWar (Parth Shah)

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Bonus fact: I wrote this story on Quora and it has gotten 25k+ upvotes.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Amazing 🙂

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  2. Jay says:

    Superb 😀

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