The Hope Experiment

In 1950s, there was a study conducted by Harvard to understand how long can rats survive in a pool of water. How long will they try to stay afloat before giving up and sink?

So they started the experiment.

They put a number of rats in the tub of water and then let them try to struggle for their lives.

In the trial, they found out that on an average, a rat would struggle for 15 minutes before giving up.

But, here, scientists did something different.

Right before the rat was about to give up, they would pull it out. Dry it off and let it rest for a few minutes before dropping it again in the tub of water.

Now, can you guess- for how many minutes would the rat survive?

5 minutes?

Or 10 minutes?

Or 15 minutes in the best case?

Well, all the answers are wrong.

The researchers found out that they survived for 60 hours in the second round.

Yes. Right. It is not a typing error. They survived for 60 HOURS.

The conclusion is that If they believed that they were going to get rescued, they would keep fighting for that one more breath. One more minute. One more hour. They will push their bodies to the level that would have been considered impossible.

So, let me ask you one thing:

If a small hope for survival can make that rat continue swimming for this long, what would self-belief, self-confidence and self-motivation do for an evolved human-being such as you?

Till next time, ciao! Keep hustling.

-ArjunaAtWar (Parth Shah)

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