The Purest Love

Arjun came home to see his wife shouting on their son- Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu hadn’t returned home at 7 PM – instructed by his Mom- and had stayed outside till 8 PM. She was angry and had decided to scold Abhimanyu for not following the strict timeline.

Abhimanyu was crying but the shouting didn’t stop.

She kept scolding that poor kid and Arjun couldn’t see this event getting unfolded in front of his eyes. So he took his kid away and moved out of the house.

While going out, he did shout on his wife too. I mean- this is not a way to treat a kid. No?

Father and son sat in the car and went for a drive.

On the way, Abhimanyu’s tears were still not stopping. He was mad at his Mom. And he kept complaining about her to Arjun.

“I don’t like Mom.”
“She keeps shouting at me. I like to play. Then why can’t I play?”
“It has just been a month since exams. Why do I have to start studying this soon?”
“I won’t talk to her from now.”
“My friend’s Mom is so good. She lets him play as much as he wants.”
“I will tell Mom today that I want to play more and I will.”
“Oh wait! No. I am not going to talk to her.”

Arjun didn’t have anything to add into the thoughts-turned-words of his son.

He took him around to a gaming zone and both played a nice game of Bowling.

Later, they stopped to their favorite ice-cream place.

“Your favorite one? Chocolate?”

“No Dad. Don’t want Chocolate. Let’s take Strawberry today.”

Since dinner was still pending, they decided to take it home and eat late into the night with a small note (needless to say though): “I am not going to give even a single spoon to Mom.”

Arjun obliged.

They reached home and Abhimanyu rushed into the home to put his favorite ice-cream into the fridge while Arjun was parking the car.

It took 2-3 minutes for Arjun to get into home and the scene in front of him was completely opposite of what he had expected.

Abhimanyu had rushed into the kitchen and had gotten two spoons. He put those spoons and ice-cream on the table and rushed inside to hug his Mom. After a tight hug, he pulled her to the table and both sat there and started eating the ice-cream.

Arjun was confused and couldn’t resist from asking his beloved son: “What happened? Weren’t you angry at your Mom and had decided not to give a single spoon to her?”

Abhimanyu looked up to his Dad with his glittering eyes (must be because of the tears that didn’t leave his eyes), and the next moment- he continued eating it. And she was doing the same thing. Ice-cream with his son was of the utmost priority and she didn’t want to waste even a second looking at her husband. (Maybe because Strawberry was her favorite ice-cream. Or maybe because her son had brought it for her. Or maybe that’s what the purest form of love is – between a child and his mother.)

In life, there are many forms of love. But at the end of the day- when it comes to the most selfless form of love or the purest form of love or the strongest form of love- The love between a child and his mother will always come out victorious.

It never ends. It never breaks. It might get tested by arguments, fights and comments. But it never stops from existing. And all the tests just end up strengthening the love more and more.

-Arjuna@War (Parth Shah)

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  1. Rachana Pulli says:

    Sweet post


  2. Akshay says:

    Definitely it’s a purest form of love


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