The childish anger

One day, Harsh ended up in a fight with his dad because of his extravagant spends. The repeating complaints from his dad regarding his money-handling was too much for him.

And as for everything, there is a saturation point. This had too. So Harsh got angry that day and put his wallet down and told his Dad that he won’t use any of his money from that day onwards.

Dad: Okay. But the bike that you’re using is given by me only. So will you… Umm….

Harsh, getting angrier, puts his bike keys on the table too and vows to not use the bike his dad gave him again.

Dad: And also that MacBook Pro too.

Harsh was getting confused. But in anger, he surrendered his favorite laptop too.

Dad: Also, your clothes that are there in your cupboard… I gave those to you.

“How dare he! How can he say that!”. Harsh’s frustration (mixed with anger) reached its peak. He went to his room, got all his clothes to the living room and threw on the floor and continued: “There you have all my clothes. Allow me to wear the ones I’m wearing right now. I’ll return these too tomorrow.”

And before his Dad starts asking for more, Harsh started to sprint towards the door.

Dad: And you also belong to me. Surrender yourself to me and then you can leave.

“What!!!”, Harsh thought. He was speechless. But the other two were not.

His mom had been watching this drama and she started laughing. And so did Harsh’s Dad. But Harsh…. He didn’t know how to react. But his eyes did.

In our lives, we all have done many things in anger but eventually we figured out that anger doesn’t build winners.

Also, those incidents give us a very heart-warming laughter for years and years.

-Arjuna@War (Parth Shah)

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  1. Rachana Pulli says:

    This shit happened to me many a times
    The reason I’m saying is coz it disrupts my mind, I felt the same as you did.
    It’s sad reality.
    Nice post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the comment and your appreciation.


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