Mathematics helped me get 100g Gold Coin

I was staying in Bangalore. My neighbor was Mr Sharma.

Mr Sharma was on a deathbed. He had three children. He always loved investing in Gold. And, thus, all his savings was converted into 100g Gold coins.

When he died, he had 35 Gold coins. A week later, the lawyer came to Mr Sharma’s house and declared the will:

“To my lazy sons, I am giving you my life’s savings that is 35 Gold coins. The eldest son will get 1/2 of the total Gold coins. The middle son will get 1/3 of the Gold coins and the youngest one will get 1/9 of the total Gold coins.”

All three sons were confused and were smart enough to know that it is impossible to divide 35 by 2 or 3 or 9.

So they started fighting among themselves. And eventually, they came to me.

Me being the Math Wizard (kidding, not kidding), I decided to help.

I told them: “My dumb neighbors, I can feel your problem. And I want to help you. So for this, I will add one Gold coin from my side and make the total coins 36. Now, let’s divide the coins among yourselves.”

So the eldest son got 36/2, ie 18 Gold coins.

The middle one got 36/3, ie 12 Gold coins.

And the youngest one (seems he was the least liked by Mr Sharma) got 36/9, ie 4 Gold coins.

Getting the fair division of Gold coins, all of the three became happy and left with their Gold.

And I also was happy seeing them happy. (or was that not the reason for my happiness?)

Let’s calculate again.

The total coins were 36.

I gave 18,12 and 4 Gold coins to those dumb sons. The total of this is 34.

So I now have 2 Gold coins.

Of which, 1 was the one that I put in the pool.

Where did the other one come from?

You guys keep thinking while I am going to encash that 100g Gold coin that I earned because…… I loved Mathematics.

So, kids… Never miss Math class. Who knows how many Gold coins you will end up getting.


Til next time, ciao!

-Parth Shah, Arjuna@War

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  1. manishacshah says:

    Wah Arjuna, mastermind

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  2. Rachana Pulli says:

    Ingenious! A Fun read

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