The Right Attitude

“Inky Johnson, I have got a good news for you. “

“Coach, what is it?”

“Son you are projected top 30 drive thing. All you have to do is play these next 10 football games and you’re automatically multi-millionaire.”

Just 10 more games at this league stage and then he was going to play for NFL.

Inky runs out of the room and calls his mother and tells: “Listen mom. After this season, our lives are gonna change.”

In the first game after that talk against California Bears, they win.

The second game was against Air Force.

Inky approaches the tackle the way he would have approached any other tackle. Either he would knock the opponent out or he would get knocked out.

But when he tackles, right after the point of contact- he seemed to have lost all his breaths. He blacked out. He was in full pain.

He was lying in hospital bed when he listened to the doctor asking the staff to hurry as this guy was going to die.

When he was awake after the operation, Doctor told him that he got saved. But there was a permanent nerve damage on his right shoulder and he would never be able to play. Never in this life.

Now think of Inky Johnson’s life till date.

He was passionate about this game since he was seven years old. He had given everything that he had to reach this stage. He had seen his family missing meals because of the lack of money. He had seen the worst which had made him push harder and harder for his dream. Making to NFL was something he had desired more than anything else.

But he didn’t let those circumstances decide what his life would be. He fought. He fought against every odds but he couldn’t play the game.

The question that was asked: What is the worst thing that can happen in life?

The answer is this.

Imagine you’re running in the marathon of life for which you have been preparing since you were child. You are running the fastest among all and are in the lead against all other runners. You’re just a mile away from all the glory and all the applauds, and that’s when your legs stop moving or your brain stops working or your lungs can’t get the air inside your body.

That’s the worst moment of life. You’re so close to get all that you ever wanted and you stood by ethics and didn’t distract yourself ever- but still you are forced to move out of the race. For what reason? For a reason which is not known to any of us- the one which we can’t define exactly so we call it luck or destiny.

That’s the worst thing about life: When a third factor (which is NOT under your control) decides on how your life should be.

Inky Johnson is the real star in my eyes. He never gave up and he deserves all the glory that the world was bound to give him had he played NFL

He might not have played NFL, but he has surely made millions of fans and has surely guided us to keep doing our bit without thinking of the uncontrollable factors.

Even today he won’t say that God did this to his hand. What he will always say is GOD SAVED HIS LIFE.

That’s what we can learn from Inky Johnson:

No matter how bad your life can get, you need to see for that light at the end of the tunnel. And also, no matter how dark it seems, THERE ALWAYS IS A LIGHT.

-Arjuna@War (Parth Shah)

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  1. Evan says:

    Attitude is everything.

    Nice article, Parth!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. manishacshah says:

    Nice, Be positive. Yess koi to hai, koi to hai. Ghatane Or badhane me uska ek ishara kafi hai, uski izazat ke bina koi patta bhi hil nahi shakta, haa koi to hai. 🙏🏻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for these kind words


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