Why does love hurt?

Because when you are in love and you two fight,

On every other thing, you end up thinking of that person like…

If you fought with your wife and next day when you return from office,

You knock the door twice and realize that she is not at home and you are hurt wondering why she isn’t there to open the door for you.

You enter the room and realize your evening tea isn’t there on the table. And you again get hurt.

You just sit down on that sofa and start browsing your phone.

You open Instagram and find some cute post and in that moment, you click on share button… just to realize that you’re not “talking to her today”. So you don’t share. And that non-sharing hurts.

And then you just throw the phone away and rest your head on that sofa and close your eyes to get some peace.

But then you realize how important love is for you. How important she is for you. And how badly it hurts when forget romantic things but in the routine things of the day- she is not there.

Your mind convinces you to throw away your anger and just message her to come back home right now from wherever she is.

And you open her contact on WhatsApp and see her typing.

And you know that she is trying to say sorry. So you also start typing that you’re sorry and send at the same time she is sending.

You send: I am sorry.

But she sends: You lazy ass. At least go to kitchen once. Your tea is ready on the stove. I just didn’t bring to the room because… You know… I am mad at you.

And you laugh. She sees your message and she replies.

Now I’m not mad. Also, just went out for some chores. Coming back…. Keep missing me.

And also getting a whole tub of ice cream. That’s the dinner for today as…. I didn’t cook anything.

You smile. And you run to the kitchen to get your tea. And there you find a note below the cup saying “I am sorry”.

That’s what love is.

It hurts when it’s not there. And it heals in a split of a second when the things are sorted.

And also, now the value of love has doubled.


Love hurts because when we fight with our loved one, our anger/ego/childishness takes control.

And we try to live the moment without that person. (As if they didn’t exist)

But we actually can’t. That attempt is futile.

Because when you love someone, your “autobiography” has some other person in the lead role instead of you.

Because that’s what love is. You end up giving away the control of your life. (And she does the same too)

-Arjuna@War (Parth Shah)

Hope you liked the story. Now, go and share the same with your loved ones. And share a smile. 🙂

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  1. Rachana P says:

    Loved it! Keep writing more such

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  2. Anonymous says:


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  3. Resham says:

    Keep writing ✍️ frees the mind and the soul… cheers 🤗

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    1. Thanks Resham. Cheers to you too.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Keep writing

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