A child’s innocence

After a tiring day at work, Dad came back home and again started working on the unfinished tasks. He asked his daughter playing in the room to get the fruit basket as he didn’t have time to take dinner and wanted to eat something to help his body survive one more hour of boring work.

She, being obedient, went running inside the kitchen, and brought the basket. The basket was full of five red juicy apples.

He, being busy in work asked her to give one apple to him.

And she suddenly started hurrying and took one bite from the first apple.

Dad saw this and thought that she too might want to eat it and wasn’t able to stop. After all, a red juicy apple is anybody’s weakness.

He continued working waiting for that apple. Again, he asked her again to give him an apple.

“I am giving Dada. Wait please.”

And he continued working.

She took another apple and took one bite from it.

This was getting out of hands.

But before he could say anything, he got a call from his boss and left the room to attend the call.

She, on the other hand, took one bite each from the third, fourth and fifth apple. She took one apple aside, went back to her room and started playing with her toys.

A few minutes passed and her dad entered the room. He was already annoyed about getting a call from his boss after a long day of work. He saw these four half-eaten apples lying in the basket and his anger started rising. His daughter was nowhere in the room.

He shouted out his daughter’s name. She, in her own zone, came to the living room singing her favourite song.

When she saw her dad holding the basket, she just came close to him, gave the one apple she was holding and said:

“Dad, leave those apples. This one is the sweetest. Eat this. I kept the best one aside for you.”

He was silent, shocked and stunned with what he thought had happened and what actually did.

She continued: “I saw you were tired and busy and I wanted you to have the sweetest apple. When I do my homework properly, you give me my favourite chocolates or toys. And I wanted to do the same. Please have this. It is very sweet. “

He sat down, pulled her in his arms and started eating that apple. Both forgot dinner and got busy playing with her favourite toys. They didn’t need food, both were already full.

On this special day, for once, let’s try not to find the negativity in everything and try to find the innocence in every deed. Though it’s us who teach children to grow up, at times, we are the ones who should learn from these little stars about ways of living life at fullest.


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