The drapes

Mr Rahul wanted his dream home to be perfect in every sense. He brought an interior decorator to make draperies (curtains) of his home. Rahul explained his choice of color, patterns and asked decorator to arrange something that will look perfect and nothing else. Decorator did as he was asked.

After a few days, Rahul got the bill and it was nothing less than a shock when he saw the price.

A few days later, a friend visited him and Rahul showed him the curtains. In between the conversation, he might have mentioned the price and his friend exclaimed with a tone of sarcasm: “That’s too much. I think that the interior decorator made a fool out of you.”

Rahul was furious with these remarks and he taunted back: “Well! You need to pay for the best. You can’t expect to get such quality and such finishing at bargain shops.” And he went on and on with sarcasm.

Rahul’s friend was right. But most of us don’t like to listen to the facts that are aimed at their judgement. And Rahul (just like anyone else would have done) defended himself and his decision of buying the drapes.

A day later, another friend visited Rahul. On seeing the drapes and price, he went on with the praises of the same. He was enthusiastically responding to such an artistic creation.

On hearing this, Rahul pointed out: “Well, thank you. But truth be told, I can’t afford them myself. I think I overpaid for the interior decoration and I feel bad that I ordered these curtains.”

Just like Rahul, if you handle the conversation nicely, you can get others to admit their mistakes too. People can take pride in their frankness if you give them a chance to open up. But if you just wish to throw the negative facts under their throat, you won’t be happy seeing their response.

<The story is inspired from the book: How to win friends and influence people>

-Arjuna@War (Parth Shah)

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