The “side” effect of the corona pandemic

We all are waiting eagerly for the day when the world will win over Coronavirus. And I hope that it happens sooner than we think. But what will be the lives after the pandemic? Will it be the same as it was before the virus attacked? Well, here are my views.

The trust quotient between employees and organizations will increase as both the stakeholders did everything to hold their end tight during the past few months. And this will help in building stronger relationships between internal stakeholders.

Once this ends, we all will start going to work again. The things will be same except one thing. Now, our way of work will have technological infusion. The corporate have started to understand the importance (and efficiency) of video conferencing meetings.

The distance will stop being a hampering factor in taking major decisions.

In fact, Indian Prime Minister is using video conferencing to connect with all chief ministers in terms of the crisis. (Here, I am not saying that they weren’t using before Corona. But the frequency of the use will increase)

We will start giving more importance to our health, fitness and well-being. Till three months ago, immunity was a word known by us all but understood by none. Now, since we saw an impact of what lack of immunity can do to us, we will start taking more care.

After pandemic ends, people going to gym might not increase, but people working out will.

By the time the Pandemic ends, we would have realized the importance of hobbies, spending time with family and also spending time with self. These are the things that were almost nonexistent during our extremely busy and tiring lives.

Many of us would have found out how good they are at playing music instruments or how deeply they love reading non-fiction books or how satisfying spending whole day with their children is.

But above all, the most important point is that even when we were working from home, our work wasn’t affected. Our efficiency didn’t deteriorate. The deadlines didn’t get missed. The targets didn’t fail.

In the near future, we will be able to see an increased number of artists, entrepreneurs and freelancers. It won’t be a surprise if we get to see a trend of people taking up multiple careers for themselves.

One important thing that we will realize (or we already have realized) is the importance of balance in nature. We can now see how a reduced human impact on nature looks and feels. And the organizations will also take this point seriously before taking any major decision that might affect the environment.

With growing impact of Corona during past few months, the world has realized by now that there are some problems that can only be solved if countries unite instead of cutting each other. I can proudly say that the efforts of India will be a shining example of the same.

And, with the pandemic ends, the world will be better-equipped with well-established healthcare systems to tackle with forthcoming pandemics.

-Aruna@War (Parth Shah)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well…some things we have learnt due to corona these days
    We all r blessed enough by getting shelter and food
    Importance of saving
    Importance of friends and weekend plan which we offer cancel due to our busy life or laziness
    We can survive without luxury in terms of food vacations etc
    And last but not the least importance of our homeland and country..

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    1. This is completely true. I agree with you.


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