Morning routine: The 7 activities to gift yourself

You might have found out many articles on similar lines mentioning certain things that you need to do to brighten your day. I too did. And, mixing those insights and my own inputs- I have decided to present you this morning smoothie that you can absorb and never throw it out of your life.

Considering how busy our lives have been, I can understand that it is tough for everyone to follow a lengthy routine. But worry not. There is something in this for everyone of you.

#1: Visualize your day:

This is as simple as it sounds. You just need to imagine what you are going to do this day. I have been doing this and it helps me in boosting my efficiency for whole day. While in bathroom, I imagine myself finishing the work assignments given to me or what all exercises I am going to do in the workout after coming out of the bathroom or how I will finish writing my daily post on the blog.

The key is that- whatever task is at your hand, just visualize it while infusing it with pleasure and excitement. Take hold of the activity now and the odds will be in your favor to finish the task.

#2: Do one set of exercise:

“Eat a Live Frog Every Morning, and Nothing Worse Will Happen to You the Rest of the Day”

Mark Twain

I came across this quote a month ago and that made me realize what I was lacking in my morning. Personally, I am not efficient when it comes to working out and I was sure that this disinterest will make me procrastinate from finishing this part of the morning.

So instead, I moved to doing just one set of an exercise in the morning. This helps physically- for sure. But it helps in one more thing- it gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Also, for workout, the lethargy is always before you start. Once you start, I am sure that you will add one or two more sets of the exercise and make yourself proud.

#3: Meditation minute:

This is the easiest part of your morning routine. You just have to sit on floor, cross your legs and stay silent for a minute. Just sixty seconds.

This minute will help you feel the calm inside yourself and help you be more focused. In these times of loud, crowded and exhausting external world, a minute to internalize yourself will do wonders.

#4: Give yourself a pep talk:

Do you remember that Shahrukh Khan speech in Chak De India? We all felt the thrill and excitement of playing into the final when he said: “Yeh sattar minute tumhe zindag bhar yaad rahenge”

Then, why don’t we give ourselves this boost every morning? Just stand in front of a mirror or a selfie camera and shower all positive adjectives for yourself. Say to yourself how confident you are that you will reach to the goal. Remind yourself what this goal means to you and why you can accomplish it.

#5: Read a page of a book:

When you are ready with your tea or coffee- just sit in chair. Grab a book lying on your side and read a book or a chapter.

You cannot open a book without learning something.


It doesn’t matter which book or which genre you are reading. Just open any book around you and read a random page.

Just while I was writing this, I picked the book lying beside me: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and opened a random page and read it. It was about secret reasons why men argue and secret reasons why women argue. In just 4-5 minutes, I definitely learnt something about how much feelings are important and how much expressing emotions are.

My morning was successful. Why don’t you make yours too!

#6: Write down how you feel:

Well, you don’t need to write an essay on this. This routine comes with a rule. You have to write only one sentence about how you feel and this you can start right away.

Just open Whatsapp, create a group with only yourself and write down how you are feeling right now. It can be as small as “I am thrilled about today and I am going to rock in that meeting in the afternoon.”

Now, when you are tired and sitting idle in the night, you can just open this chat and read how you have been nurturing yourself and how you are excelling at all tasks at hand.

#7: Set priorities for the day:

Think of your duties for the day and pinpoint three things that you have to complete today no matter what. We all have lot more than three things to do everyday but prioritizing top three has its own fruits.

This will help you keep these things right in front of your eyes till you finish them that day. And, maybe- when you just sit on couch in the evening and start that FRIENDS episode for umpteenth time and one of your three priorities is pending, you will see yourself jumping out of that couch to finish that task.

Do you know why you will do that? Because, of all people in the world, you don’t want to lose in front of your own eyes. And that will push you finish all important commitments.

And that’s it. You need to do just this. It’s not much, honestly. It will take less than fifteen minutes of your morning to finish all these routines. Don’t you think you deserve these fifteen minutes for yourself?

These routines are not imaginary and have been performed by most of the successful people that we have today. And it will be the same for the successful people of tomorrow. And you know who will be part of that list?

Yes. YOU.

-Arjuna@War (Parth Shah)

8 Comments Add yours

  1. wisdomista says:

    Very well articulated.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. I’m glad you were able to connect.


  2. manishacshah says:

    Amazing, really very useful.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Samir Shah says:

    Everyone must be followed the suggestion that you have described so wonderfully

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Janaksinh Vanabhai says:

    I am also follow 4 routine out of 7
    Thank to give this great information I will put my effort to achieve 7 number

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Arjuna@War says:

      Even 4 is a good number to start with.
      All the best for lucky 7!


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