Procrastination – how to save yourself from it

Procrastination has been around us since the start of human existence. For thinkers, it has been one of the key topics to study on and share insights.

Each one of us has been facing this at different junctures of our lives. We procrastinate for different reasons. Some want the pressure of deadlines to start working while some are just fearing the failure.

These are the reasons we end up giving in to one or more distractions around us and end up delaying the tasks. We lack the motivation to stick to the task at hand.

Procrastination exists for small as well as big tasks. We end up delaying big tasks like making a website or establishing startup while the same exists for small tasks like sending that e-mail to your boss or folding washed clothes or visiting grocery.

The real issue lies in our mind. We always overestimate our will-power during planning. We will say to ourselves: “I will finish writing this book in three weeks.” We do this because we believe that we all are geniuses and have a strong will. In our minds, we assume that we can work with 100% efficiency and finish it without any hurdles.

But what we miss is our lack of self regulation. If you see the curve of procrastination, the productivity is highest when we start the task. But gradually, it starts decreasing.

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The real issue comes when you give in to one distraction. Because, after that, like dominoes, the distractions will keep coming and your will power will continue falling. It is like giving in to the procrastination curve. Due to this, your productivity keeps decreasing along the path.

While writing an article, we might think that let me watch news or maybe one episode of Money Heist. But in reality, it won’t be just news or just one episode. You slowly give in to one distraction and then attract many more on the way.

While doing that, the biggest lie you tell yourself is: This is the last time. After this, I will sincerely finish the work.

To prevent yourself from procrastinating, you need to eliminate everything that distracts you. Try to make the execution of task easier by removing the roadblocks.

Honestly, nothing will help you if you don’t have self regulation in place. You need to keep thinking why you are doing what you have to do.

If there is no purpose around, make up a fake one. The reason will keep you motivated and it will make annoying tasks interesting.

For example, if you want to write a book, think of what the success can bring to you or how much you are passionate about it or how your content can change the world. Keeping a vision board right on your desk or even as a wallpaper too might help you stay on the course. The vision need not be huge. It can be something as childish as giving yourself an ice-cream treat if you are able to finish writing thirty pages in a week.

So, to summarize, don’t just dive into work, but think of a reason why you are doing that task. Boost your inner drive. Eliminate the distractions. Flatten the procrastination curve. And just do it.

-Arjuna@War (Parth Shah)

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