[CAT] My IIM Ahmedabad Interview

Written Assessment:

Topic: Phillip Hughes’ death due to bouncer by Sean Abbott and should the bouncers be banned in cricket or not.


Interviewers: Two Faculties of IIM Ahmedabad. P1 and P2. Both Male aged around 45-50 years.

P1: Good morning! Have a seat. Can you please introduce yourself.
Me: I told them about my school, college, my hobbies and achievements.

(The moment I said that I am interested in Logic Puzzles, P2 started writing something down in paper.)

P1: So you are a computer engineer, you must be technically sound. What subjects did you study during B.Tech.?
Me: I told them six subjects. They asked for more names.

(Generally, when someone asks such question, you always remember that name first which you don’t want to say. And till you are done with the list, you keep thinking about that only. I had one subject in mind but didn’t want them to go into it. But with their forcing of more names, I added this name with two other subjects and presented the list. Now when I look back at this interview- I am sure that they noticed what was going on in my mind and were playing game theory with me. I lost against their experience, and they picked up the subject which I didn’t want them to ask from: Data Mining and Data Warehouse Management)

P1 asked some questions on it, which I was able to answer comprehensively. As my father works for LIC of India, he asked me about the ways in which data mining can be useful in an insurance company. I was able to answer properly.

(The reason they ask questions from graduation is simply to know how much we can handle from the education field that we are about to leave. In addition, the questions that they ask are usually about the scenarios or reasoning. They want us to relate the technical knowledge to real life scenarios. If they are satisfied with our basics, they won’t grill much.)

Till then, P2 was ready with a smile on the face.
He handed me that paper. Which had this written on it.


P2: So what is wrong with it? As everything written seemed logical but with a very big mistake in it. Since 2 can’t be equal to 1.
Me: This is a logical fallacy. I was able to draw his attention to the mistake present in this puzzle. He nodded in affirmation.

As I have my blog on puzzles (amazedbypuzzles.blogspot.com) , he suggested me to ask one of my favorite puzzles.

I asked this:
There are two paths towards the destination. Of which only one path is leading to the destination. You don’t know which one. There are two persons present there: Of whom, one always speaks truth and one always lies. You have to ask one and the same question to both of us and have to determine the right way towards your destination. What question will that be and what will they answer?

(They couldn’t answer it (or didn’t want to) and asked me to explain the solution. When I explained the answer, they seemed happy. On this point, I was sure that if I don’t goof up a big time, I would sail through the selection. This was the point, when I was sensing my dream of getting into IIMA was starting to turn into reality.)

P1: So you play chess. Answer these questions as fast as possible.
He had tablet in front of him. He asked me 15 questions on chess from it which included some like: what is FIDE rating, how is it defined, Against whom Anand lost recently, Anand’s rating, Carlsen’s rating, my chosen first move, E4-C6 is called what, Fool’s mate, Queen’s gambit… I answered all questions correctly. (After all, passion says something.)

(After this set of questions, the interviewers were just looking at each other sensing my knowledge about Chess. I was lucky enough as I hadn’t prepared about female chess players before this interview and they didn’t ask me any questions regarding that. Later, when I was out of the interview room and was discussing with fellow interviewees, one told me that he was grilled over female chess players by his interview panel. Fortunately, I was saved from these questions.)

P2: any recent news which we may not be aware of.
Me: As my Written assessment was on Phillip Hughes’s injury and its impact on cricketing world, I was thinking about connecting my answer to this in some way or the other. The day before the interview, another incident had happened. Daniel Hughes was hit by a bouncer in nearly the same way and his neck part got swollen. He luckily survived but the cricketing world was taken aback after two such incidents in short while.

(I hadn’t put forward a unique answer. But somehow, I was able to relate the written assessment. Plus, this general question was just filling the time before the interviewer gets ready with another question. Thus, it didn’t carry enough weightage and I was able to survive.)

P1: So, you have won two state level essay competitions. Are you interested in essay writing? Which is the essay that you wrote last?
Me: Yes. I am interested in essay writing. Recently, I wrote about my conversation with God.
P2: Oh! So you think that the God exists. Tell us the three things that you want to ask God, if he exists.
Me: I will first ask him to prove his existence to all people around the world. Because, people around here are taking him for granted. And, they are taking advantages out of the blind faith that some people are putting in the Almighty. Second, I will want him to give me courage to fulfill my dreams. I want to build a business empire which can create enough employment opportunities, be socially responsible and take my nation ahead.

(Now, after two things which were generic, I knew that I had to do something unique or my chances of getting in might decrease. Luckily (or maybe the God was helping), I thought of Amish Tripathi. He had written about the ultimate good in his book series: Shiva Trilogy.)
Third, as Amish Tripathi has written in his books SHIVA TRILOGY, in the end , ultimate good turns itself into ultimate evil. This is what happened in the case of Somras.(read the books for better knowledge about this). So, I want him to create another parameter apart from money, that people can aspire. Because, right now though money is good but it has started to turn itself into evil. Like people have started killing one another for the sake of money. Which will lead money to the ultimate evil and world will end while fighting for and against it. So, we can have another parameter so that people change their focus and money stays good for a longer duration.

(I knew that I had made a permanent mark on the minds of the interviewers. If they were convinced to a bit, they would select me for the depth of my knowledge in this field. The third point was something which proved that I was not faking about essay writing and I had actually thought about this topic.)

I know the answer is lengthy. But the experience was of lifetime. Eventually, I CONVERTED the call and was branded for life. WIMWIan for life.


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