Put them down

One morning, the class was full of students when the professor entered. It was the first class of psychology.

He put his books down on the table, took the duster in his hands, erased the contents on the board and came to the center of the class. He held his duster in his right hand and kept the hand raised in air.

For first five minutes, class was silent. But then with minutes passing by, the confusion in the class was rising. The professor was still standing in the middle of the class holding that duster up in his right hand.

Noticing the confusion among the students, the professor asked: Tell me what is the weight of this duster?

25 grams or 15 grams or 20 grams were the common answers. “5 ounces” was the answer from one of the exchange students. (Obviously from the US. They hate metric system)

The professor continued. “What will happen if I keep holding this duster in my hand for five minutes?”


“What if I keep it like this for an hour?”

“Your hands will start paining with the stress in muscles .”

“What if I keep like this for a few more hours?”

“The pain will keep increasing. Muscles will get tired by standing in one stiff position.”

“Correct. But what will be the weight of the duster then? What will be the change in it?”

“Obviously nothing. Duster’s weight will still stay the same.”

“Then what was it that caused the pain?”, professor asked the class.

The class was confused. They didn’t have the answer.

“Let me ask you this. What shall I do to reduce the pain?”

“PUT THAT DUSTER DOWN”, the class screamed together.

“Exactly”, professor continued…

Your problems, your worries in life are exactly like this. Hold those troubles in your head for a few minutes and you will still be okay. Hold for a few more minutes and it will start aching. For a few hours and it will make you mad. There will be a time that the problems will start paralyzing you.

The class was getting convinced. But one student asked: “But aren’t they my problems? Shall I just drop them off? Who will solve those if not me?”

“My son, I am not asking you to leave those problems for God to solve. Just that, try solving those throughout the day. But at the end of the day, PUT THEM DOWN before you go to sleep. Your bed should be a tension-free zone. Your bed is a space which should just help you heal and not worry. Put the issues down before jumping into the bed and have a sound sleep. And, wake up the next morning with a renewed energy to fight your issues. If you are getting worry-less sleep, you will be even stronger the next morning to face your battles and will be ready for many more coming your way.”

The silence in the class was enough for the professor to convince himself that the message was conveyed.

So, before ending the class, he went to the front, held the duster high in his hand and asked: “So what do we do to our problems at the end of the day?”


“What do we do to our worries before entering the bed at the end of a tiring day?”


“What we do to the uncertainties and confusions of our lives at the end of the day?”


“That’s it.”

-Arjuna@War (Parth Shah)
The story was inspired from one of the lectures I attended.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Your writing always inspires me!!

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      1. Maulin Saraiya says:

        inspiring thought i will try to change my self also for enjoying with them who are my dear & near

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      2. Thank you so much for saying this. I’m happy I was able to induce positivity.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Nicely written.!!!

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  3. Priyank says:


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  4. Dhruti says:

    Worry makes us forget that sometimes the best moments in life are the unexpected ones. Think about it: When you remember a special occasion, weren’t the unplanned moments the most touching, the most humorous or the ones that brought everyone closer? The reality is that if we attempt to script our life, we’ll end up squashing our life.
    When we worry more, we think more. When we think more, we start assuming things and situations which will make us worry even more. Worrier will start worrying about different scenarios which will block the positive flow of thoughts in our mind. Instead we can just relax, take a deep breathe and chant something healthy. Remember the times when we thought we won’t pass a test, but passed it with flying colours. Remeber the time when things and situations were ugly but somehow we came out of it with no casualties.
    Life is a continuous cycle of sad and happy moments. Maybe when the sad moments come up we can think about all the good memories with good people at good places. Time is everything; time heals everything. Things will eventually fall back in it’s right place at the right time.

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  5. manishacshah says:



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