Puzzle #4: Apples

There is a city A, which produces apples in a large quantities. So, they export those apples to city B. Where, there is a huge need of apples. City A has 3000 apples ready to be exported to other cities. Now, there is one truck available at point A. Which has the capacity of 1000 apples. The distance between city A and B is 1000 miles. So, you have a task to use this truck to export these apples to 1000 miles away.

But, the truck driver is addicted to apples and he eats apples if available with him. He consumes one apple every mile he drives. So, how many apples can you manage to transfer from city A to city B? You can stop for any number of times in between.

The answer is completely logical. Correct answer is neither 3000 nor zero. So, think about it logically. You will definitely reach to answer as near as possible. All the best to you all. Solve this puzzle. This puzzle is not an easy one. It is tough but solvable.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice Puzzle

    Answer: 833 if he doesn’t require apple for return journey..

    532 if he consumes for the return journey.

    I won’t put an explanation, let people figure it out! 🙂


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