Puzzle #2: Guess the birthday

Vikram and Muthu ask their friend when is her birthday. She does not give a straight forward answer, but gives some hints.

She gives them the following 10 dates to pick her birthday.

May: 15, 16, 19
June: 17, 18
July: 14, 16
August: 14, 15, 17

Then she discloses correct month to Vikram and the correct date to Muthu.

Asks Vikram to guess the right birthday. He says sorry I can’t, but I am sure even Muthu won’t be able to guess it right.

Now Muthu says, I was a bit confused but with Vikram’s statement, I know what is her birthday.

Now Vikram says if that is the case, I also know what is it.

Both guessed it right. Use simple logic to guess the right birthday.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    V saying M can’t guess correct birthday means its a month which does’t have a unique date(18.19) Which excludes months May and June.

    That leaves us and M with,
    July: 14, 16
    August: 14, 15, 17
    but if the date was 14 M still wouldn’t be able to conclude birthday.

    which leaves us with
    July: 16
    August: 15, 17
    now M knowing the correct date doesn’t conclude anything but with hint of M’s declaration gives correct answer to V says that correct date is July 16.
    So if date was 15 or 17 M would know correct birthday being aug 15th or 17th and V wouldn’t know.
    So only way V would know correct birthday is that birth month has unique date left..
    which is july 16.
    – Tbag


    1. Arjuna@War says:

      Correct Tbag. Great job.


  2. Harnish says:

    16th July

    Liked by 1 person

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