[CAT] How to prepare for CAT

I am Parth Shah.
CAT 14: 99.89 Percentile
CAT 13: 99.32 Percentile
IIFT 14: 99.96 Percentile
SNAP 14:99.94 Percentile
XAT 14: 99.74 percentile

I completed my B.Tech in June, 2014. I was preparing for MBA entrance exams from Endeavor. After finishing my B.Tech, I was preparing for 13-14 hours everyday. I had been from Gujarati medium so I had to focus a bit more in verbal section.
Here is what I prepared during this time:

  1. Every morning, I took seven RCs and finished them at a stretch.
  2. Take a break for snacks and then take one mock CAT.
  3. Brush up concepts of Quantitative aptitude from Endeavor Modules. (As I would have been exhausted and couldn’t do more verbal after this.)
  4. Take small break and listen to my favorite music and relax for an hour.
  5. Start with DI, Reasoning and verbal questions. And Take up some doubts and talk with faculty members.
  6. End my day with another set of RC questions.

The things I want you all to keep in mind are:

  1. Hard work pays. There is no alternative.
  2. Just know your strengths and weaknesses. And try to reduce the effects of those weaknesses. (I had a weakness like: I can’t wake up by Alarm. So everyday my mom had to wake me up at 5 AM, for which I am very very thankful to her. )
  3. As there are no sectional timings. Focus more on your strengths. And still try to maintain sectional cutoffs. I always started with Quantitative aptitude. And I tried to reduce time in this section as much as possible. So that I can give more time to my weak section.
  4. Always track your progress. Hard work is important but only hard work isn’t all. You can’t just rely on the things you know. Try to expand learning curve on each and every step.
  5. Take enough sleep. Because that is the most important thing. CAT is all about taking your brain into marathon. And it needs rest. So give as much rest to it as possible.
  6. Don’t over think. Give your best- which is expected from everyone. Self-criticism is important but up to an extent. Above which will lead only to downward progression.
  7. Make it as smooth as possible, but not smoother. This statement works here perfectly. Just try to keep some hampering objects in the path. Which makes road tough but a thrill of riding on the mountain is different than riding on highway.

I have started running a blog on the life of an MBA aspirant. I am covering segments from the journey of cracking the CAT and interviews, during college and after graduation.

Follow this blog to get more updates on how to crack the CAT.

-Arjuna@War (Parth Shah)

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