A skillful artist and his daughter

In India, there are a few castes who have excelled in acrobatic skills. One such example is Nat. The man in this picture comes from such a community.

When they come to perform, most of the groups will consist of one or two kids performing such activities.

The activities include walking on a rope with balancing pots on their heads, doing 360 degree jump while walking on the rope, etc.

One day, there were these two people (one man and a little girl) performing their arts. The scene was similar to this.

Usually, they try to get money from the viewers for performing these arts. And that day too, there was a cloth lying beside them on which people were supposed to put money.

But the crowd was too much that for most of them- the cloth was far away for them to give the money. And they didn’t think it was worth to walk a few steps to put one or two rupee as that small amount wouldn’t have mattered much after all.

The man was standing close to that girl performing on the rope. He was worried about her and wanted to be there to catch her if she skips the step or stumbles and falls down. But while doing that, he saw that after a few minutes, people were going away. And he didn’t get a chance to collect the money.

He would have gone to them with that cloth to get money from them but then this girl would not have had any safety net while she was performing her art. He was sadly looking at the cloth gesturing people to put money there.

But alas! He was overly optimistic that the crowd would follow such steps.

But then this woman from the crowd came ahead to the cloth, put some coins in it, took the cloth in her hand and started to go to all people standing there asking for money.

This deed made sure that three things happened:

  1. Since there is a woman coming to those people, they have to put the money as no one would want to be looked at in the crowd as the one who didn’t pay any money to see the show.
  2. She used to tell those people who put only one rupee that “A show of such skill for 15–20 minutes and you’ll put only one rupee! Five rupees should be the least amount sir”. And 99% of people didn’t have courage to counter her point as that was totally true. Now imagine that poor man speaking the same thing to those people. Most of them would have ignored it, but the voice of this woman was doing wonders for that man and his talented daughter.
  3. That woman asked one or two people who seemed genuinely interested to open their kerchief and collect money from their sides of the crowd too. She was smart to not stop herself from using pleading words to push everyone in contributing to a beautiful gesture.

I am sure that those two bright people would have gotten the most money that day and that woman would have gotten the best blessings for herself from that visibly helpless man.

I at times wish that I too had done this act that she did for them. Next time, I will. I hope you will too.

If you’re out in the space and see the Earth is glittering, it’s not because of the Sun but it is because of the reflection of these helpful selfless souls that are trying their best to spread the happiness across the world.

-Arjuna@War (Parth Shah)

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  1. Rachana Pulli says:

    A gesture of selfless deed. A beautiful article.


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