Luck – Good or Bad?

This story is inspired by the real-life experience shared by an Ex Indian Army Captain Raghu Raman.

When Captain Raman was in the army training, one of the courses included the firing of live missiles as the final objective. Everyone was going through their turns and was able to fire it on a predetermined target. At the end of the line, it was Captain Raman’s friend. He came into the position to fire the missile. He locked the target, took the required measurements, and waited for the order to fire. The instructor ordered “Fire at your will” and he pressed the button to launch. And to everyone’s surprise, the missile misfired. The target was properly fixed, the measurements taken by his friend too were as per the instructions, still, the missile went off the target. Mathematically, the chances of such an event to happen are 1 in 10,000. But it still happened to his friend.

Since this being a compulsory requirement to pass the course, he gets another chance. He is given a new launcher this time. He again locks the target. This time, he checks properly to make sure that there is no mistake from his side. And on the order received, he presses the button to fire. And this time too, the missile misfires. Mathematically, the chances of missile misfiring on two consecutive attempts by the same individual are 1 in 100 million. But still, it happened with his friend. His friend was completely dejected with the outcome. He would have felt to just dig a pit right there and hide from everyone else. It was extremely tough for him to even look into his teammates’ eyes.

And that was the time, their instructor – Ustad Nair came to him, put his hand on Captain Raman’s friend’s shoulder and told: “In every individual’s destiny, a certain number of such misfires are written. And you are extremely lucky that both of your misfires that were written in your destiny got completed in the training itself and not in the war. Think what would have happened had this happened on the battleground with no “

Arjuna: So, like this incident, in each of our lives, certain number of bad lucks/failures are fixed. Each time, when you are defeated, when you aren’t achieving the expected outcome and when after giving all your efforts, things don’t turn out positive, just remember that you were supposed to counter this failure in life and be glad that it came at an early stage of your life with quite a small consequence. It’s your good luck (and not your bad luck) that this failure came with the stakes being quite low compared to the high stake- long term- enormous goals of your whole life. Feel happy that you have used your bad luck and all that is going to come now will be wrapped in success and happiness.

-Arjuna@War (Parth Shah)

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  1. Pragnesh Sutaria says:

    Everything happened with us may not be expected but we hv to accept it, hope for the best but be prepared for worst… everything is not our cup of tea, generally we r programmed for success, not for failure… infact failure is not failure, it is postponement of our success, failure in one field never leads to failure in all the fields,life is a mix bag….


    1. Arjuna@War says:

      Totally agreed, Pappaji.


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