Blocking someone – an act of immaturity?

One day, a friend asked me whether I block anyone on social media. And my reply was yes. And he took this opportunity to shower his criticism on how I can do that and why was I not able to control my temper (Ironically, I was controlling while he was criticizing in a loud manner).

But when, he calmed down and was ready to listen to my side of the story, I told him this.

I have a house.

It’s exactly how a dream house should look.

It has many rooms.

There was one person X living exactly opposite to one of my house’s rooms.

In that room, there is a small glass window.

X likes to throw stones at my house. One day, he broke the window of that room.

It’s not a master bedroom nor I spend a lot of time in that room.

But that broken window ruined the image of my house.

So, I got that window replaced.

Next day, X did it again. He broke the glass window of that room.

Just to keep the view of my dream house intact, I got it replaced.

It kept happening. I kept replacing the window.

Then I thought, that room doesn’t matter a lot to me. It’s just one of the many rooms I have. Even if it doesn’t have a glass window, it won’t make a huge difference.

So I got that window removed and filled that gap with concrete.

That blocked the effect of those stone pelting.

That helped me in – not going through the glass-replacement procedure every other day.

That helped me focus on other rooms of my house.

That helped me move ahead and spend my time in a more productive way.

X’s stone pelting wasn’t affecting the important rooms of my dream house, but it was ruining the overall image of my house as well as the repair was taking away my time.

I didn’t want that.

So I blocked X.

I wasn’t immature, I was just tired of putting my brain into the activities which didn’t matter much. So I did. So I blocked.

Why don’t you all share your thoughts on the same in the comments? Do you block anyone away from your life?

-Arjuna@War (Parth Shah)

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  1. Hope. says:

    Loved the intuitive illustration.


    1. Arjuna@War says:

      Well. Thank you, Ramyanee.


  2. Dhruti says:

    You explained a complex situation very easily with great example. Niceeeeeeee!


    1. Arjuna@War says:

      Thank you, Dhruti


  3. Dhruti says:

    No two people are same. Our own thoughts, emotions and quirks make us all different. You come across so many of them, some are your friends, family and relatives. You bond with them because you feel that you match a certain wavelength with them. And what if you feel, that there is no match. Then you should avoid attracting vibes which makes you uncomfortable. Given the current situation in the country be it political or religious or anything, if they are causing a panic or anxiety to you then you have to kick out the negativity of your life. Blocking someone you had been closer to once, doesn’t make you immature. Your mental health takes a priority over anything and everything else. You blocked them, they still exist somewhere out there but they don’t invade your personal and mental space. You are on your own. Looking for mental peace is not a sign of immaturity even if it comes at the cost of anyone who never respected boundaries. The more you understand what makes you irritated, the better it will be in helping you remove the root cause of the negativity that surrounds you. Give yourself a chance to be at peace, you deserve it more than anything else.

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  4. Harika says:

    Well put, I am totally imagigning myself blocking someone, unblocking them, throwing this post on them and then blocking again! Amazing articulation man!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. We need boundaries as someone who has found it too hard to implement them I see the value in them these days. This was a wonderful way of explaining how an act of empowerment is never immature. We are only human and don’t have to put up with everyone else’s damage.

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  6. Rachana P says:

    I liked the illustration as It’s so relatable.
    And yes even i block people. And no it’s not rude or immature its how we deal with shit in our lives.

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    1. True, Rachana. I’m happy that you liked the illustration.


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