A night to remember

The man woke up in the morning and saw that his six years old son was playing on the floor with the fruit basket and all fruits were scattered all around. With a toothbrush in his mouth, he shouted at his son to stop playing with the basket. The kid just collected all the fruits into the basket and ran to get ready for the school.

After reading newspaper, taking bath, he got ready and moved towards his car to drop his son for school and saw him sitting on the driving seat while playing with the steering wheel. He scolded him for this behaviour and asked him to move away from that seat. The child smiled and jumped over to the side.

During lunch, he found that the daal his wife had prepared was salty and grabbed his phone to call home to ask the reasons behind it. His wife, still trapped in the household work hadn’t gotten the break for lunch, was surprised with the mistake she did and apologized instantly. She felt bad that her homemade food wasn’t up to the mark and vowed to cook her husband’s favourite dish for dinner.

Due to work, he had to stay in the office till late and had had dinner ordered from the restaurant. He finished his meetings and returned home at 10. Finding out that his wife hadn’t had dinner, he got angry and explained her in a sharp tone that he hadn’t asked her to wait and she should have had food at her time.

Rushing back to his bedroom, he saw his son playing with the cricket ball in the house and ordered him to throw the ball away and go to sleep right away. The son hid the ball behind his back and rushed to his room.

The days kept passing by in a similar way until the day of his birthday came. While lying down in bed, he heard the knock on the bedroom door at midnight. He opened and saw his son standing there trying hard to hide the gift. At the same time, his wife called him into the dining room and saw the delicious looking handmade cake. After cutting the cake, all of them sat there with smiles on their faces. He was unwrapping the gift that he saw his son dropping the cake piece on the mattress and got a bit upset. He advised him to be attentive and to not be so careless. The kid looked at him and apologized in a slow but gentle voice.

In that dimly lit room, he saw his own reflection in his son’s eyes and realized what he had become.

That night, he couldn’t sleep. He sat in the bed while seeing his wife and son sleeping beside him. He opened his mouth to say something but before that his eyes started speaking- via tears. He sat up straight and spoke: “My dear wife and dear son, I know I have been wrong in many ways with you two. For all this while, I limited myself to my own perspective and never tried to understand yours. I kept criticizing you two for your wrong doings and never did I praise you for your efforts.  I apologize for being such a pain around you.” The voice was slow and it didn’t wake those two angels sleeping beside him. He continued: “It took me months to realize what I was doing but today I have understood my mistakes and I am ready to change myself. Though you two are not hearing me right now, but from tomorrow- you will see a new me- a happy me. A new husband and a new father. Good night and thank you for the cake as well as the gift.” He just wiped his cheeks, lied down and jumped into a sound sleep.

For whole night, on the other side of the bed, a wide smile kept shining in the sparkling moonlight.

-Arjuna@War (Parth Shah)

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